Securing a Summer Internship


Looking for an internship this summer?  One of the key elements to landing an internship in your field of study is expressing a desire to learn a particular skill or subject matter.  Be specific – noone will hold you to it for life and managers appreciate someone with direction and confidence.  It is appealing and pleasing to  a future manager that you share their passion or curiosity.  It may foster an ongoing mentorship well beyond the summer term.  Even if you change your mind on a particular field of study, your temporary employer will likely enjoy that they were a part of your exploration and planning.  

Business Learning Begins in HIgh School


As students approach college graduation, they often are provided with interviewing advice:  look the interviewer in the eye, shake hands firmly, be pleasant, and ask questions.  In this text and twitter world, all of these suggestions can feel foreign and uncomfortable.  It is hard to develop a new skill quickly, but if we practice interacting with others in conversation, starting in high school, it will be easy when the pressure is on.  HlpSum1, Inc, sponsors a website called which launched a new program for students seeking volunteer credit hours for graduation.  The program requires the student to interview in person or on the phone an organization that provides a service to others.   School counselors can support this behavioral learning  by supporting the credit hour program, and encouraging kids to interact with adults not in their family or coaching circles.


Welcoming Blog – Business learning beyond the classroom


Every year, new college grads hit the job market in search of their dream job.  Armed with the degree, and hopefully an internship or a summer job in their field, they arrive for work unprepared for the trials and challenges of a business setting.  Learning beyond the classroom begins immediately.  This blog series will assist those just starting out in their career by relaying  both positive and difficult lessons learned, and most importantly, how to rebound and grow from your own experiences.