Stand Out During The Goal Setting Process – Step 1


It’s time to finalize your work goals for the year.  Goals usually follow a formal job description or are set by taking a look at what was done last year.  The boss will usually set goals aligned with their own.  When goal setting becomes routine, it is one of the first traps that leads to job dissatisfaction and boredom.  Most of us want to stray from the routine, and create a challenge in our year that we can passionately pursue.  This year, approach goals with the mindset of changing the conversation between you and your peers, your supervisor and even the executive staff.  This is an opportunity for you to control your own destiny. I suggest including goals that are beyond your normal scope.   People are not usually promoted because they excel at what they do. Instead, they move up because they have added scope and have shown growth and interest in continuing development.  Regardless of where your goals end up, your supervisor will recognize that you have interests beyond your immediate role, and even if there isn’t an immediate opening, the momentum may begin to shift to a different role in the future.

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