Transitioning From College to Business


Congratulations!  With a diploma in hand and hopefully a set of car keys or a train pass in another, you will be starting you new job soon!  Favor this blog for tips on how to make the transition from the academic world to the business environment.   All your hard work has paid off!  I am sure your parents are proud and relieved!


HlpSum1 Graduation Pic

In college, we need to succeed as individuals.  You took the college entrance exam without help. Your diploma had only your name on it.  Even if you work amid teams, at the end of the semester, each person has their own personal GPA.  Transforming to a team-oriented approach will take some practice.   Remember this quick expression – “There is no “I” in team”.  When something isn’t going right at work and your frustrated by the meeting, the phone call, the presentation, the training,  remember that you have a new agenda now,  fitting in with your colleagues is more important than ever.  

After a conversation with someone, think back on how many times you used the word “I”.  How can you change it to the word we? Did you feel like you just had to get something off your chest and didn’t really listen to the other side?  Did someone make a suggestion on a different way to present information and you just wanted to do it your way?  This is all a part of transforming to the “we” environment   Putting others first and learning to work better with others will take some practice at work and at home. If this is starting to sound too deep, and you are beginning to feel like you are losing your identify or individualism, recognize that succeeding as an individual is critical to succeeding as part of an organization.  

Good luck and check back with HlpSum1 – Business Learning Beyond the Classroom  for your personal survival guide!


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