The Road to Success Starts with Self Discovery


Early on in my careerI purchased a DayTimer planner.   I kept in it all the important information:  contacts, meeting notes, my calendar and technical rules of thumb.  When I found myself in a difficult situation, particularly one that I created, I wrote it down to remind myself never to do it again.  This summer, I will be releasing my first book, based on a collection of experiences throughout my career.


TImagehis retrospective look created an introspective environment.  Consider starting a journal of your own.  The journal doesn’t have to be in a leather bound book or even a fake leather three ring notebook!.  It could be an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper that you wad up and stick in the pocket of your book bag.  Write down a key phrase to remind you of a recent experience, particularly those that went very well or poorly.  The experience will likely be imprinted in your mind forever, and by reading the key work or phrase, you will have immediate recall, especially if it was embarrassing or harmful.   Take it out, read it and shove it back in your book bag,  once a week or once a month.   By taking a look back at your journey, you can plan for your future. 

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