Q4 Rising – Are you ready for year end?

red and brown box with letter Q and number 4 with word rising

Over the summer I challenged you to keep your motivation up while you were living out your summer.   As we head out to vacation often we check out for a while on work goals for the year. I encouraged you to ramp up work activity for the second half of the summer through Labor Day. Breaking news – we are only three weeks away from the beginning of fourth quarter, and three months away from year-end close.   So it may be time to put down the stats on your fantasy football team and pick up the goal sheet you made at the beginning of the year.

I suspect you are doing really well in some areas and may be behind in others. Don’t despair – it is just time to break it down and figure out what areas you need to concentrate on.

Here is a goals scorecard that can help you. Take a little time to evaluate how you are doing.

Goal 1 Not Started Let’s Talk!! In Progress Complete

Not Started – so what happens if you haven’t started on something yet? First things first – you need to ask yourself why. Have other goals been taking more time than originally planned to achieve? Or are you just not sure how to get started? Either way – I suggest asking for help. Talk to your supervisor to get a boost with this one.

Let’s talk – these goals have been started but are in serious jeopardy.   Why is this being derailed? Are you working hard on a project but the results are not what you expected? Are you working in a team and the team isn’t working well? Once again – it is time to reach out. But before you do – some soul searching may be needed here. I believe you may already know why this goal isn’t working out. Is it a few simple actions that will right this goal? If so – take them this week. If it is more complicated then you need to admit that you are struggling. Reach out to your team members and your supervisor with honesty and sincerity.   Together you may be able to get these goals back on track.

In Progress – congratulations, it sounds like you are on your way.   A couple of things to note. How can you make sure that this goal crosses the finishes line? Outline the three or four actions that will help to wrap things up. Create a Gantt chart to keep this on track. Remember, not much happens the last two weeks of the year. Your goal chart should end on December 15.

Complete – again congratulations are in order. It must feel good to have accomplished these goals. Check with your supervisor and review its progress! You may be surprised, there may be a few things you need to polish!

Good luck with the rest of the year! Write to me and let me know how it is going!

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