First Job – The Transition Series – Graduation to Workforce


Workshop Now Available!

The transition from student to employee is a difficult transition for most 19-22 year olds.   Although students are provided technical training and some skill building around communication, they are unprepared for the transition to a forty-hour work week, with loosely structured work assignments and goals, and coworker dynamics. This course will assist college students or recent graduates on;

  • Recognizing and preparing for the difficult emotional changes in transitions from student life to workforce. The student will be asked to embrace their new role of contributor as they leave the academic world.
  • Acclimating themselves to a productive “cubicle life”
  • Structuring goals and understanding performance expectations on assignments
  • Managing common obstacles of personal work habits and road blocks from others

The course uses examples from the cycling world to demonstrate preparation, strategy and success. Cycling concepts are introduced: preparing for a race, gaining momentum, strategy, and breaking away and crossing the finish line. These examples are compared to first year experiences on the job.

The underlying business practice materials are based on Joyce Jarek’s book: First Job: A Personal Career Guide for Graduates now sold through all major booksellers. All course materials are solely created by Joyce Jarek.

Course Goals

The workshop will paint a real picture of work life and prepare the student to respond well in their new environment. Course Evaluations will be shared with administrator to determine if goals were met.

Who Should Attend

College students seeking internship, graduation candidates and company new-hires. The optimal class size is 20-40 students.

Course Format

The lecturer will present materials with a multi-media approach.  The workshop is composed of four modules with defined breaks. It incorporates a variety of messaging tools to stir class participation such as videos, white-boarding, facilitated group discussion and small-group exercises and presentation requirements.

Contact Joyce Jarek for pricing and scheduling at

Travel compensation required outside of the Northeast Ohio area.

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