Why I wrote First Job: A Personal Career Guide for Graduates

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Hello Readers:
I recently released my first book “First Job: A Personal Career Guide for Graduates.” The book relays personal experiences from a 27 year business career through four fictional characters, Kelsey, Devon, Jake and Donna that find themselves in tricky business situations and provides advice on how to prevent them or respond responsibly.  I made a lot of stupid mistakes in my career, and have always kept a journal to remind myself not to do them again.  I hope readers will recognize when they are in a similar situation and have a strong reference point on how to navigate through it.

The market is saturated with heavy reference information available for professionals with five to fifteen years of experience who are ready for leadership positions, but few books concentrate on early career progression for both men and women.  The average 23 year old is just trying to settle in, have fun and enjoy their new life, and put the heavy reading away for a while.

First Job can be read in less than two hours but can impact a new professional during the first two years of work, which is often the most critical for maintaining employment since many employers consider this your trial period.

There is order information and accompanying aids at www.hlpsum1.com.  The  reference worksheets will aid the reader in assessing how they spend their time, and whether they are a top performer and ready for a promotion out of their entry level position.

First Job – Situational Story Telling That Improves Professional Skills by Joyce Jarek

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Hello readers:

I want to share exciting news about a milestone achieved in my personal and professional life. I recently surpassed a twenty-five-year anniversary in business management serving several corporations in roles that include analytics, contract negotiations, purchasing and operations management. However, the most rewarding experience has been through supervision and mentoring.

I want to share my experiences in such a way that younger professionals may quickly absorb lessons learned through stories about common situations that they are likely encountering right now in the workplace. This fall, my first book First Job: A Personal Career Guide for Graduates will be released through Friesen Press and made available with major carriers like Ingram, Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble as a paperback or ebook.

First Job relays valuable information by introducing four characters Donna, Devon, Kelsey and Jake who have landed jobs in engineering, marketing, and business development. They encounter situations that occur everyday in the business world, and are affected by the actions of colleagues and friends that influence the outcome. It makes suggestions on how to develop skill sets around growing your knowledge base, collaborating with team members, and distinguishing yourself as promotion-worthy. The book is ideal for 19-26 year olds just entering the workforce or have under 3 years of experience. However, managers may also use this book to create professional awareness and encourage discussion about career growth, or as a teaching tool for new supervisors.

You can sign up for an alert about the release date at www.hlpsum1.com   I would appreciate your support by sharing this announcement with friends, coworkers and family on your social media or internet page.

Best regards,

Joyce Jarek